Hi all,

Due to popular request, March marks the return of the Bubble Tea Running Man!

If you don’t know what it is, you can check out our past meetups.



Vote for your favourite games by putting down the comments below.

Location: General Wolfe Elementary (10 min walk from Canada Line – King Edward station)

Time: Thursdays 8pm-10pm

Activities: Running Man Games

Bubbletea: Of course!

Cost: $5 per person

Please RSVP here if you are interested! ***** Format of Play *****

We will be choosing and picking 2-3 games from the TV show Running Man.

These will be team based games, so please come here ON TIME!

8:00-8:20: Setup, introduction, divide into teams

8:20-9:15: Mini Running Man Games (winning these games will give you an advantage in our Main Feature Game)

Some of the games that we may play:

• Jump Rope game


• Relay game

• less physical games (Sharades)

9:15-9:30: Water Break

9:30-9:50: Feature game

9:50-10:00: Clean Up


Please wear proper footwear. Athletic shoes only.

Bring an extra T-shirt, and don’t wear your favourite date shirt because “ACCIDENTS” do happen.

No food and drink in the gymnasium. Water only. Bubble Tea after.