Is shaved ice hot? This place is. Since opening in 2016, Meet Fresh instantly became a popular place. There’s always a line, but we’re going during its “slow time”, according to Google. Try Taiwanese shaved ice with a variety of toppings.

Look for us. We are joining the Anything Fun Meetup.

We realize people are coming from all over & it’s rush hour, but it’s Friday, so things might be fine. The place gets busy easily, but they have outdoor seating as well! Thank goodness it’s Friday! If you’re late, no worries, just drive carefully and get there. Don’t text & drive.

There is a sizeable parking lot in front of the building and a multi-story garage next to that. Nearby Vallco has lots of parking.

It will be great to get us together to meet, get to know each other a little, and talk about hikes, bike rides, trips and “Anything Fun”.


Please update your RSVP 6 hours before the event. Please do not no show or “crash”.