Here’s a refreshing idea. Let’s have pearl tea & coffee at Cafe LaTTea, which has an amazing array of drinks, including cool snowfall tea and silky tea drinks. We will be joined by my hike/fun Bay Area Hiking And Anything Fun Meetup.

We realize people are coming from all over & it’s rush hour, but it’s Friday, so things might be fine. Thank goodness it’s Friday! If you’re late, no worries, just drive carefully and get there some time in the 6 o’clock hour. Don’t text & drive.

Cafe LaTTea has a limited shared parking lot on Stevens Creek Blvd. You can also park in the new Main Street garage or the vacant JC Penney garage at Vallco, which are both a block away. Both are multi-story and have tons of capacity.

BTW The Main Street complex is newly completed with lots of new restaurants and stores. If interested, we can walk around the complex to see what’s there.

It will be great to get us together to meet, get to know each other a little, and talk about hikes, trips and other fun stuff.


Please update your RSVP 6 hours before the event. Please do not no show or “crash”.

Snowfall tea

So many choices