Their slogan: “It’s not just a beverage, it’s a life style.”

Let’s have pearl tea at Super Cue Cafe, which has specialty smoothies and slushies. They have a large selection of tea leaves to choose from, as well as flavors to add! Plus, if you want a snack, they have bento style food and ramen to choose from.

We will be joined by my Bay Area Hiking & Anything Fun Meetup.

We realize people are coming from all over & it’s rush hour, but it’s Friday, so things might be fine. The place gets busy easily, but they have outdoor seating as well! Thank goodness it’s Friday! If you’re late, no worries, just drive carefully and get there. Don’t text & drive.

Super Cue has a shared parking lot in the Marketplace. There is parking spaces in front of Super Cue and behind its building.

It will be great to get us together to meet, get to know each other a little, and talk about hikes, bike rides, trips and “Anything Fun”.


Please update your RSVP 6 hours before the event. Please do not no show or “crash”.

Super Bo + Super Ba = Super Boba!