*** Registration opens on Thursday Noon and will close at Monday Noon. Thanks! ***

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO GET IN BEFORE 8:30PM OTHERWISE THE DOORS WILL LOCK. if for some reasons you must arrive after 830, bang on the side gym doors for us to open it for you.

Happy New Year!

The most fun Volleyball in town!

Location: Sir James Douglas Elementary

2150 Brigadoon Avenue Vancouver, BC

Time: Monday 8pm-10pm
Activities: Volleyball
Bubbletea: Of course!

Cost: $5 per person

It’s more a social volleyball outing – not a league. So beginners will be welcome.

Please RSVP here if you are interested!

***** Format of Play *****

I’ve capped the event to 30* people for the event – that will max at 6 teams of 5 people. We will try our best to mix our skill set in the team.

There are 3 courts available – so everybody gets to play!

8:00-8:15: Setup / Warm Up / Mingle / Split into teams

9:45-10:00: buffer time for our schedule above + Take down


Please wear proper footwear. Athletic shoes only.

No food and drink in the gymnasium. Water only. Bubble Tea after.