About Us

Our Mission

I Love Bubble Tea is a group of young people who enjoys socializing through meeting with others.

We provide a meeting ground for like-minded people for recreational activities, such as sports, food & drinks (we are, after all, the Bubble Tea group), as well as personal developments, and community events.


Our Short History

Founded in 2010 in Vancouver, BC, the original concept of the Bubble Tea meetup is just to get together at a bubble tea restaurant, once a week, to socialize.

Quickly the meetup has grown to not just gathering at a bubble tea restaurant, but to do all sorts of other social and recreational activities such as volleyball, badminton, hiking.

In 2015 we hosted our first International Bubble Tea Day, on August 8, attracting over 150 bubble tea lovers to gather together over bubble tea and barbeque.

In 2016 we have over 3000 members in Vancouver.  This was also the year where we started to expand our brand to different cities. 



Food and Drinks in Bubble Tea Meetup

Food & Drinks

Food and Drinks is a big category of our events. We have held Foodie Fridays, Bubble Tea Thursdays. We are now looking for organizers to help us out on these events!
Sports and Activities in Bubble Tea Meetup

Sports & Activities

Sports and Activities are big categories of our events. We have held indoor and outdoor volleyball, badminton, hiking, Running Men, dodgeball, and other fun sports. We also sponsors 2 Ultimate frisbee teams that are playing in the Vancouver Ultimate League.